What is Learn to Skateboard Day?


Learn to Skateboard Day (LTS Day) is a national, annual event that takes place on the third Saturday in May. At its core, LTS Day focuses on teaching people not only how to skateboard, but how to be a supporter of beginner skateboarders. Whether you’re a parent or a skateboard educator, LTS Day brings the vast skateboarding community together to celebrate and grow the skateboarding community.

LTS Day is an inclusive, fun, and inspiring event that brings together beginner skateboarders, skateboard educators, and other members of the skateboarding industry in a non-intimidating environment, with the help of passionate skateboarding enthusiasts to grow the skateboarding community.


LTS Day was created to introduce families to skateboarding in a fun, inclusive, and positive environment; one that offers an easier and safer way for children to experience skateboarding for the first time. USSEA wants to grow the skateboarding community by making it easier for everyone to participate.

On LTS Day people new to skateboarding can learn to properly tumble and recover, learn their stance, get a feel for balancing and turning on a skateboard, and practice rolling. Skateboarding educators and skateparks owners have the opportunity to share their local skateboard programs.

LTS Day isn’t just for children and members of the skateboarding industry. Parents of beginner skateboarders will learn how to teach their children how to skateboard at home. The goal is to have parents and children enjoy skateboarding together, for years to come. 

LTS Day means to empower people through skateboarding, celebrating hard work and the successes of those teaching and learning. LTS Day is the physical embodiment of our ultimate mission — to grow skateboarding globally. 


As an activity and lifestyle loved by millions of people in the USA and around the world skateboarding has suffered unfairly from negative stereotypes and stigmas such as serious injury, which is often inaccurately considered part of the learning to skateboard experience.

LTS Day spreads positive messages to both children and adults who want to learn to skateboard but have not yet taken their first step on board. At USSEA, we firmly believe that skateboarding is empowering and encourages people around the world to do things they never thought possible. Character is developed through skateboarding by way of determination, creativity, focus, and hard work. And this determination stretches far beyond the world of skateboarding. 

A recent University of Southern California (USC) article argues that said focus and determination puts skateboarders ahead of the curve in many regards; 

“Skateboarders have this tenacity to practice a trick thousands of times, they are creative, they have cross-cultural interactions not common in other spaces. How can they translate those skill sets and their passions into educational and career opportunities. said Zoe B. Corwin, a research associate professor at the USC Rossier School of Education.

Yes, LTS Day teaches you how to skateboard, but we hope that each child attending an LTS Day event not only gains the courage to visit skateparks and perfect their skateboarding skills, but takes that same determination and focus and applies it to each aspect of their life for decades to come. 

LTS Day breaks barriers, brings communities together, and showcases the joy of skateboarding. Let’s just say there’s plenty of smiling at LTS Day!


“LTS Day was a really fun and rewarding experience. It helped me spread awareness about my summer youth programs and was a huge boost in confidence to get so much positive feedback from parents. It feels really good to be contributing to healthy activities for families in our community. I know that based on the response from the community, it will continue to grow, and I’m really excited about doing it again this year…can’t wait to get back out there!”

Devon McCabe. Director of Northwest Mind Body Soul Youth Programs, Olympia, WA. NWMBS.org

“I heard about Learn to Skateboard Day from my local paper and thought it would be a good reason to get the kids out of the house. I wasn’t expecting the lessons to be so accessible to my kids who came to the event never having stepped on a skateboard. They had so much confidence leaving the event that I had to buy them boards right away so they could keep practicing. It’s really great to see how much this one event did to get my kids off the couch!”

Katheryn Rizzera, Mother of 2 boys aged 9 and 12. Olympia, WA

“I was just passing by the park on my way to visit friends when I saw this event happening and went over to check it out. I’m in my late 20’s and I always thought skateboarding was cool, but imagined I didn’t fit the ‘type’, and it never occurred to me to try to learn. I saw how easy it was for the kids that were there, and fortunately I wasn’t the only adult trying it out, so I was able to relax and give it a go. I ended up staying the whole time practicing because I just couldn’t believe that I was actually skateboarding. My friends forgave me for coming so late when they saw how excited I was, and I was able to convince them to start taking lessons with me so I can have someone to skate with.”

Travis Clark. Olympia, WA


Learn to Skateboard Day is an opportunity to spend time with your kids, meet people in your community with similar passions, and learn fun, new skills at the same time! 

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