How safe is your skate park?

USSEA’s S.K.A.T.E Safe™ program can help your skateboard facility or program improve safety and reduce risk for your organization and your community. 



certified skateboard educator at skateboard job teaching skateboarding after receiving his skateboard educator certification

After learning the USSEA curriculum, I was able to spot all the things that needed to be corrected and exactly how to correct them.  I felt much better knowing the safest way to do things.

Devon McCabe – Founder & Mentor

Youth Paradigm

USSEA designed S.K.A.T.E Safe™ to help skateboard programming organizations like municipal skate parks, public schools, after-school programs ,and summer camps improve  safety and reduce risk.

Joe Eberling – Founder

USSEA Organizational Membership Benefits

    • S.K.A.T.E Safe ongoing training for all staff

    • S.K.A.T.E Safe safety signage

    • Safer Behavior

    • Fewer Accidents

    • Less Injury

How it works

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