Skateboarding for Beginners Part 4: Intro to Balance Tricks

In our first video, first-time skateboarders learned how to safely step on and off their skateboard. The second video in the USSEA Learn to Skateboard Series helps beginner skateboarders master their stance and determine which foot will be placed at the nose of the board. The third video is all about adjusting foot position for better balance and feel while you skate.

Part 4 in our Learn To Skate Series gives some important movements and skills to practice before you start to roll around on your skateboard. This video helps you build balance while learning some critical movements that are fundamental to your overall body – board – balance confidence. So if you want to feel more stable when you’re rolling around be sure to practice at home on your carpet or out in the grass where its soft and you can explore your abilities without the fears of the board rolling away and loosing your balance.


Keep children safe by providing a hand to hold the first time they step on a skateboard and as they gauge their skateboarding stance. 


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