Skateboarding for Beginners Part 3: How to Position Your Feet For Better Feel and Balance

In our first video, first-time skateboarders learned how to safely step on and off their skateboard. The second video in the USSEA Learn to Skateboard Series helps beginner skateboarders master their stance and determine which foot will be placed at the nose of the board.

The third video in our Learn To Skate Series is all about adjusting foot position for better balance and feel while you skate. Counter to popular belief, finding balance on a skateboard isn’t just about falling down and getting hurt over and over again until, through trial and error, you finally learn coordination. Learning how to adjust your feet carefully is critical for developing your skateboard skills and this video makes it easy.


Keep children safe by providing a hand to hold the first time they step on a skateboard and as they gauge their skateboarding stance. 


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