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certified skateboard educator at skateboard job teaching skateboarding after receiving his skateboard educator certification

With my decades of experience teaching skateboarding I didn’t think there was anything more for me to learn. The USSEA certification, however, opened up new vistas for me and helped me level up my teaching.

What is especially gratifying to me is the increased level of trust and respect I now get from parents and organizations, the new opportunities that I’m getting, and also the higher pay that has come about thanks to my USSEA certification. 

The investment in this course has already paid for itself many times!

Xiao Long 小龙 – Head  Coach – Uride

Some of the best skateboard coaches we have are not the best skateboarders.  In fact, some of them couldn’t even skateboard when they began the USSEA Certification course. 

What makes them successful is passion for helping others learn a new skill.  In other words, you don’t have to be a great skateboarder to be a great skateboard teacher.

Joe Eberling – Founder

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