Skateboard Education Summit

January 19, 2021

The United States Skateboard Education Association (USSEA) announces the historic Skateboard Education Summit.

An online event bringing together skateboard educators, skateboard program operators, industry experts and researchers to discuss how education promotes healthy growth in the skateboarding industry.

Olympia, WA. USA (Nov 15, 2020) – Skateboarding’s inclusion in the Tokyo Olympics has led to a worldwide surge of interest in learning to skateboard.  The US Skateboard Education Association (USSEA), a non-profit organization dedicated to helping more people safely learn to skateboard, is stepping up its efforts to help each new skateboarder’s experience be easier, safer, and more fun by inviting industry experts and thought leaders to gather and share ideas.

At this historic skateboard education event USSEA will bring together skateboard educators, coaches, and experts with skateboard program operators such as municipal skate parks, camps and K-12 school PE program administrators to share successful experiences on how to teach skateboarding and how to grow participation in skateboarding through education.   

Some of the topics we are planning to cover by speakers and panels include:

  • Making a living as a skateboard instructor
  • Successful for-profit skateboard facilities
  • Using Park design to educate
  • The mind of a parent: How to engage parents in their child’s skateboard learning adventure
  • Keeping it safe
    • Helmets
    • Reducing risk (and liability) at your facility and in your program
  • Making your public skatepark more inviting and safer for families
  • Attracting a broader demographic at a public skatepark
  • How biomechanics can help skateboarders learn better
  • How to analyze a skater’s motion and build a plan for improvement 
  • Science of play
  • International growth and the Olympics
  • Preparing for the 2032 Olympics
  • Learn to Skateboard Day

About The US Skateboard Education Association (USSEA) 

Founded in 2017 by passionate skateboarders and skateboard educators with a desire to share their love of skateboarding, USSEA founders Joe Eberling, Chris Hargrave, Richard Patterson and Pan Yunlong  (Xiao Long) created a non-profit organization to help people around the world more safely learn and improve their skateboarding skills, help skateboarders develop career pathways in the sport they love and support skateboard program and facility operators developing terrain and programming to make their facilities safer and more welcoming to a broader skill level and demographic user base.