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More Ideas

Hosting a Learn to Skateboard Day Day event is easy. All you need is the desire to help people learn to skateboard for the first time. Any flat piece of ground will do, along, the driveway, the parking lot, indoor gymnasium, a hallway, basketball courts cul-de-sacs backyards and yes, of course skateparks with all due…

keep it safe by making sure people have helmets and make it fun with creative activities and games to allow people to get used the feeling of standing on a wobbly board with four small wheels…

In addition to professional skateboard Educators who already teach skateboarding in organized, professional programs, there will be people from all walks of life organizing learn to skateboard events. Parents are organizing for their children’s friends. Gym teachers are organizing for students. Churches and YMCAs are creating opportunities at their facilities both indoors and outdoors.


Some ideas we’ve heard:

● Start people on grass or rubber playground surfaces so they don’t have to deal with board shooting out and the fear of falling onto concrete or asphalt
● Use blank skateboard decks to help people get the feeling of pivoting twisting turning and doing manuals on a small piece of wood
● Have parents support their children while the children are learning
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