How to Tic Tac, Kickturn, and Carve for Skateboard for Beginners

So you want to cruise around on a skateboard with confidence? In this article, you’re going to learn how to carve, how to kickturn, and how to tic tac. Tic tacing is a basic skill you can use to build momentum without ever stepping off the skateboard. You’ll need these maneuvers to cruise around on gentle, smooth, flat concrete, at low to moderate speeds until you build up confidence.

You’ll need to find a place where you have something to hold on to like a fence or a handrail. Find somewhere that you feel safe. Next, step on the skateboard carefully making sure the skateboard doesn’t roll, and we’re going to learn how to balance ourselves toeside.

First, we want to bend our ankles and knees and draw our core down low. Then we have to think about tipping our upper body over the toes and then extending our hips forward, so that we can tip that skateboard, and having something to hold on to gives you a little bit of stability. Bend your ankles, bend the knees, extend the hips, and tip forward over the toes ever so slightly. As you tip forward over the toes, extend the hips a little bit. 

How to Carve on a Skateboard

Carving on a skateboard means making big turns. Next, as we tip over the board, I tipped over the heels with hips and core dropped down over the heel side edge. The goal is to get the board to tip and the wheels to turn, so we can hold the front side carve.

How to Kickturn on a Skateboard

Are you trying to learn to turn fast on a skateboard? Well, here we go. Get to a handrail again and step up on the skateboard – make sure that you don’t roll by using your backhand on the rail for stability. Follow these key steps so that you don’t lose balance over the tail and fall down.

Critical steps to Kickturn

  1. Lead with your shoulders. Your lead shoulder needs to stay down. 
  2. Once you have the shoulders past the hips, you’re leaning over the toes and with a tiny lift, you get a kickturn. 

How to Tic Tac on a Skateboard

Tic tacing is the way you build momentum. You won’t need to step off the skateboard and there’ll be no need to push. Starting toe side, we’ll work back to our heels and we’ll consecutively move from one side to the next. Before we lift up the front foot, we’ll build more momentum and then we shift across our skateboard tipping into the other edge. We do this before we pick up and that’ll build momentum because every time we tip to the inside of the board, we’re throwing our center of mass our upper body over that edge which helps create that momentum. The better we get at this, the faster we can make it work and the more stability you’ll achieve. You’ll be ready for the skatepark sooner than you think. Now that you’ve read this article, you have a great foundation. 

Be sure to check out THIS YouTube video that demonstrates how to tic tac, kickturn, and carve techniques for skateboarding step by step.

So over to you–what’s an easy checklist you can create to practice tic tac, kickturn, and carve on your skateboard?