Skatepark Accreditation

The USSEA Skatepark Accreditation program is simple: A member of the USSEA team will evaluate an organization’s skatepark to identify functional teaching and learning spaces, in addition to new features for novice skaters. 

If a skatepark already has these features or implements them, the skatepark will be endorsed as a USSEA and L.T.S. accredited park that supports education and experiences for beginner skateboarders and their families.

Contact USSEA to have your skatepark USSEA/L.T.S. accredited!

Educator Training

Learn what it takes to get certified to become a skateboard educator.

Learn to Skateboard Day (LTS Day)

A national, annual event that takes place on the third Saturday in May.

S.K.A.T.E. Safe

The core of our education programs aimed at making skateboarding safer.