Together, we can change the way the world approaches skateboarding.

In 2017 we founded USSEA (you-see) to make it easier for people to learn to skateboard.

We envision a world where skateboarding exists stigma-free and enjoyed by everyone. Where skateboard educators are celebrated and provided with pathways toward becoming professional skateboard educators, and parents have the tools to support their children.

At USSEA, we want the joys of skateboarding to be experienced by all, and motivate them to always Learn to Skateboard. Helping people learn to skateboard safely, encouraging improvement and development, and sharing the best teaching methodology available is our foundation.


LTS Day was a really fun and rewarding experience. It helped me spread awareness about my summer youth programs and was a huge boost in confidence to get so much positive feedback from parents. It feels really good to be contributing to healthy activities for families in our community. I know that based on the response from the community, it will continue to grow, and I’m really excited about doing it again this year…can’t wait to get back out there!

Devon McCabe

Director of Northwest Mind Body Soul Youth Programs, Olympia, WA


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