US Skateboard Education Association Announces 2nd Annual Skateboard Education Summit

January 19, 2021

For Immediate Release
Media Contact – Georgia Menides

February 1st, 2021, 10a.m – 2p.m, PST, (GMT-8) The United States Skateboard Education Association (USSEA) will host their 2nd Annual Skateboard Education Summit. 

The Summit will provide K-12 administrators and educators, skateboard coaches, skate shop owners, municipal skate park managers, and adult volunteers with an opportunity to hear how others are addressing challenges and seizing the opportunities to grow skateboarding through education in the coming years.

The 2022 Summit’s theme, Nurturing the Skateboarding Education Ecosystem – cities, skate shops, schools, coaches and parents, will bring together educators, program operators, industry experts, and researchers to share methods for sustainably growing skateboarding through guided and shared learning for all stakeholders.

Panels will cover a wide range of relevant topics including, improving safety, creating a career path through certification for skateboard educators, skateboarding in the K-12 STEM and PE curriculum, reducing risk and liability, and broadening the demographics of skateboarding through inclusive programing.

All donations received from registrants for the free 2022 Summit will go to support scholarships for the skatepark instructors at Make Life Skate Life, a non-profit organization that builds skateparks and nurtures grassroots skate communities around the world in areas marred by conflict, war, poverty, and marginalization.  With projects completed and operating in locations as diverse as Jordan, Iraq, Ethiopia and Myanmar, Make Life Skate Life has already positively impacted the lives of thousands of Youth.  Scholarships will support training and certification for the Youth at each Make Life Skate Life location, providing them with an internationally-recognized accreditation and better employment opportunities and a start on a career path in skateboard education. 

This year’s presenters are yet to be announced but will include individuals from a range of professions and roles who are creating new, unique and practical solutions to create synergies in the skateboard education ecosystem. 

Registration for the Summit is free. Donations are accepted, 100% of which will go to the Make Life Skate Life Scholarship Fund. You can register for the Summit and get on the mailing list to receive regular updates here.. 

About The US Skateboard Education Association (USSEA) 
Passionate skateboarders and skateboard educators Joe Eberling, Chris Hargrave, Richard Patterson and Pan Yunlong  (Xiao Long) formed USSEA, a non-profit, to help more people more safely learn to skateboard and develop career pathways in the sport they love. In addition to training and certifying skateboard educators, USSEA also works with program operators to make their facilities and programming safer, more engaging, and more welcoming to a broader skill level and demographic user base of skateboarders.

USSEA believes skateboarding is a healthy positive activity that helps both children and adults develop a range of skills that carry over into other areas of their lives. Through collaboration from like-minded professionals in related disciplines USSEA wants to make skateboarding more accessible to more people in the USA and around the world.

About Make Life Skate Life
Make Life Skate Life was founded in 2013 by international skater Arnie Hillerns and Shane Carrick with the construction of India’s first public skate park. The project’s positive impact on the community launched the construction of 20 more parks across the country. This non-profit has grown to build skateparks and grassroots skate communities for youth and families around the world in areas marred by conflict, war, poverty, and marginalization. In 2021, Make Life Skate Life launched a campaign to build Lebanon’s first skate park in Beirut, updated the skate park in Pokhara, Nepal, and found sponsorship from Skateistan for their Pura Pura skatepark in Bolivia.

They have another half-dozen projects slated to get underway in 2022 and 2023.