Become a USSEA Certified Skateboard Educator

USSEA Certified Skate Educators enjoy full time careers and earn more money!

photo by Toni and Uli Frallicciardi from Surf Skate Science

Making it easier for people to learn to skateboard.

Our mission at USSEA is simple; to grow the skateboarding community, instill safer practices at skateparks around the country, and provide peace of mind to parents searching for certified skateboarding educators who can teach their child in a structured, fun, and encouraging way.

Learning to Skateboard?

We offer learning resources for beginners and those supporting a beginner.

Want to Become a Skateboard Educator?

We train and certify Skateboard Instructors

Are You In the Skateboarding Industry?

We provide resources for organizations and skatepark owners.

USSEA Programs & Services


Skateboard educators, this one is for you! Want to provide a safer, simpler, and more engaging learning experience to your beginner skateboarders? The USSEA Certification increases credibility in the action sports industry and provides instructors with more opportunities to teach and earn.



The USSEA General Membership is for people learning to skateboard, parents, educators, and enthusiasts. Our Educator Membership is for skateboarding educators serious about teaching skateboarding, while our Partner Program Membership is perfect fororganizations offering skateboard-related services. 


Learn to Skate

Our LTS™ program is a resource for anyone offering skateboard group lessons, summer camps, and classes. LTS is a comprehensive learning program designed to deliver a successful class from start to finish.


S.K.A.T.E. Safe

S.K.A.T.E. SAFE™ is our safety awareness program, encouraging proper skateboarding etiquette and safety practices. This is one of the many resources we offer to programs and skatepark operators to help instill safety at skateparks around the country.